Random Loots

*Most of the loots posted here will cover the course of ~1-3 hrs and are not always typical of what you should expect to receive in the same time frame.* ~1 hr tormented demons ~2 hrs Solo Bandos Powered by WPeMatico


My name is Kenny Fieu irl in game i go by Ghastly I’m 15 years old and only thing i do in life is game and go to school and maybe the ordinary life necessities I’ve played RS since i was 4 years old (2006) and still love the game and many rsps that come …


for farming up the xp per harvest so its not beter xp for just removing the crop and replanting also xp is so low compared to other skils agility lvl 85 gnome course extra if that could work i dont mind doing agility to 99 with gnome course. Powered by WPeMatico